1. "You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something - your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life."
    -Steve Jobs


  2. Anonymous asked: If you could be any furry what furry would you be?

    According to an internet quiz I found by using this cool new site called “google” I am 50% fox and 50% dragon. So I guess that makes me some sort of weird fox-dragon-griffon amalgamation. And I am ok with that.

  3. Self Portrait in the Rain - Before there were “selfies” there was such a thing known simply as a “self portrait”.

    (Source: flickr.com)

  4. cakelesscrystal:

    Risemonger? More like Ragemonger.

    You don’t even want to know what the extended edition Director’s Cut of that video has.

  5. Lindsay Tuggey: rainy day spontaneous photo shoot model extraordinaire.

    (Source: Flickr / jonrisinger)


  6. timothay asked: Have you heard any good jokes recently?


    Jon Risinger




    Oh, I get it.




  7. thesilverdreamer:

    Unpopular opinion time. Might want to skip it if you’re a dedicated fan of Blaine the Hot Intern/Employee.

    I think Blaine Gibson is kind of a jackass. And not always—but since he got hired, it’s like he got rid of all of his limits. Maybe I’m falling for the old pitfall…

    Don’t listen to Blaine. He’s a total ass in real life. No one in the office likes him. Just like Kevin Spacey is a sociopathic killer who wants nothing more than to be president of the United States and Tom Hiddleston is a macheovelian mythical Norse god that almost unleashed an army of extra-terrestrial invaders from another dimension on New York City.

    All three are villains we have to stop. And the only person who can stop them is Henry Cavill.

    I saw him fly once.

  8. riccasze:

    I was working on Part 2 for this thing, but I figured I should do some concept sketches first, so here’s some dumb WIPS; I’m 99% sure I’m gonna properly line and colour these hah

    Anyway, here’s “Prince” Jon Risinger!

    I figured initially, he’d have a rivalry with the Lads because they up and took all the attention from him, what with their superpowers and all. But then, similar to Risinger’s coffee/desk-filled plight, his hatred for them deepens when they mess with his chocolate milk. I mean 5/6/7/whatevenagearethey year olds can’t be running round hopped on caffiene


  9. adamtherevjr asked: I recorded when we played Halo together along with some other member of the RT Community. Is it okay to post a few of those games on YouTube?

    Only if you make me look way better than I am. I can’t let my devoted public know that I am quite possibly the worst Xbox gamer in the world. I mean, could you imagine if I let that slip on some sort of social network where people actually read what I say. Man, that would be embarrassing.

  10. monkeyscandance:

    I wanted to draw fanart for this Let’s Play when it started way back in 2013, but then I lost track of it. And as if to remind me, Part 3 came out yesterday. 

    This is pretty fantastic. Love the color palette.