1. Location scouting with Barbara for the RWBY Glamour Poster.

    Available now at the Rooster Teeth Store.

  2. Shots from the RWBY Glamour Poster photo shoot. Available now at the Rooster Teeth Store.

  4. Self Portrait- “House Risemonger”


  5. RTX Outtakes

    The job was simple: get photos of the shirts we’ll be selling at RTX to print on posters for the store. The result was anything but simple.

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  6. RT Life: RTX 2014

    The rhythm will get you.

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  7. Making of RT Podcast Radio

    This week’s t-shirt was an experiment in how the RT Podcast would have looked if it had been around in the old days when family’s gathered around the radio for their daily source of entertainment.

    Phase I: Concept Sketches
    I wanted the look of the shirt to be very retro and to take notes from the radio logos and ads from the 40’s and 50’s. A few different images that popped into my head were the art deco tube radios, test pattern screens and radio towers.

    Phase II: Version 1.0
    The first comp of the design had a main logo in the center that read KRTP like the old west coast call signs I remember growing up in California. The problem with this idea was first brought up by @Emily who said that she was worried that not very many people would get that joke and not understand why the K was there. So we shopped it around the office and it turns out she was right. The majority of the office, especially the younger people we asked, did not get the reference.

    Phase III: Version 2.0
    So we nixed the “K” and ended up with what ended up being the final design. And that’s the way it is.

    Available now at the Rooster Teeth Store.


  8. My brother wrote and recorded a theme song for Patrick & I that we premiered at RTX this year. Now all we need to do is create the weekday after-school special to go along with it.

  9. That was a great game. #RTX2014 #lyj http://ift.tt/1qTyqUi

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  10. achievementhvnter:

    Jon Risinger cameo at RTX’s Achievement Hunter panel