1. Oh my stars and garters! With so much going on I completely forgot to give credit to the marvelous Mallius for the illustration form last week’s T-Shirt Tuesday design. As always, Nattie was a joy to work with even if her wealth of talent makes me feel like a worthless piece of shit.

    Available now in the Rooster Teeth Store.

  2. leijonnaire:

    I want 5 more versions of this week’s recap

  3. andalizard:

    RT Recap: Haunted House (x)

    Not all monsters are dicks.

  4. imyourwinona:

    drew Jon in Scott Pilgrim style while listening to the Comics Sponsor Cut for Inktober

  5. cinnamon-no:

    Inktober 2014: Day Six!

    Today I asked myself, “Self, what should I draw for Inktober today?”

    And I replied, “Jon Risinger looking like the Disney prince he is, obviously.”

    So this happened.


  6. SMITE Smack Talk

    The Inter-Office Smite Tournament is coming up and I am the keeper of team images. Therefore I am the keeper of the outtake photos from the photo shoot. Therefore I am giving them to you to do as you wish, complete with green screen backgrounds. Enjoy.

    And no, there are no outtakes for Team Leftovers. We always get things right the first time.


  7. delsinrwe:

    i dont know jon risinger but i trust him

    You shouldn’t.

  8. "No one asked them to be on a team…so they made their own team. TEAM LEFTOVERS!"

    Stay tuned for the Rooster Teeth Inter-Office Smite Tournament Alpha XL

  9. My life peaked at the start of “One Saturday Morning”. RIP Saturday Morning Cartoons. You will not be forgotten.

  10. Meg: Also, somewhere along the lines we lost the part of the script where I asked my jerking it question.

    Hard hitting journalism. Hardhitting…”journalism.”

    (Source: erreras)