1. Being a Huntress requires skill, courage, a sense of duty, dedication and above all else, style.

    RWBY Glamour Poster available now in the Rooster Teeth Store.

  2. It would seem that we have come out with not one, not two, but 12 new products this week in the Rooster Teeth Store. Make like a good little Pokemon Trainer and CATCH ‘EM ALL!

  3. Throwback Thursday - “Bella Day One”

    When we took Bella home from the pound she was malnourished, dirty & missing patches of fur from a mite problem.

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  4. I did something this week. It may or may not have been influenced by my love of a certain company with an affinity for anthropomorphized rodents, water fowl and canines. It may or not have also been influenced by my dream of one day being one of their prince and/or princesses.

    You can’t prove anything.

    Also, the shirt is available now at the RT Store.

  5. Location scouting with Barbara for the RWBY Glamour Poster.

    Available now at the Rooster Teeth Store.

  6. Shots from the RWBY Glamour Poster photo shoot. Available now at the Rooster Teeth Store.

  8. Self Portrait- “House Risemonger”


  9. RTX Outtakes

    The job was simple: get photos of the shirts we’ll be selling at RTX to print on posters for the store. The result was anything but simple.

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  10. RT Life: RTX 2014

    The rhythm will get you.

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