1. When the galactic scientist overlords built me they failed to take into account the typical slope of the trapezius muscle and clavicle bone of a common human being. Thus I am given the perpetual shrug.

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  2. titankillingqueen:


    Patrick sometimes holds treats for us over the video monitors to get our attention on the podcast set to get looks like this. He’s a crafty one, he is.

  3. It’s hard to tell from the finished photo but I’m actually holding Chris around the waist like a prom night photo. It was a magical moment.

  4. Thank you, Mackenzie, for the drawing of my photo I took of Michael a while back. I have added it to my art collection in my office. The next time Michael comes in to call me a bitch I will be sure to point it out to him.

  6. leaderboard #2

    Where serious news happens about serious esports with serious reporters doing serious stuff.


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  7. azramancy:

    jon risinger worked at hollister!!! :O

    The only perk of the job was a 10% discount on clothes but I made so little I could never afford to buy anything. Quit the job without ever using my discount once. True story.

  8. This week’s t-shirt might be one of my favorite designs I have done in a while. What do you guys think?

    Available now at the RT Store.


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